Personal Voltage Detector

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Personal Voltage Detector
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Personal Voltage Detector

The D-TUERI Personal Voltage Detector is a highly innovative product from Sofamel that detects electrical fields. It can be easily placed inside any safety helmet. The D-TUERI is an omni-directional detector and can provide safety from any position.

This intelligent device comes equipped with an acoustic signal that generates an alarm that won’t stop until the operator is at a safe distance away from the danger zone. Using an accelerometer, this intelligent device calculates the approximation speed to a power source and decides on an appropriate alarm distance accordingly.

When the operator comes close to an electrical field (between 10 kV and 66 kV), and exceeds a distance of approximately 1 metre for 10 kV and 3 metres for 66 kV, the in-built detector alarm will sound. If no movement has been detected after 10 seconds, the voltage detector will automatically turn off and remain in alert mode.

D-TUERI voltage detector

The personal detector offers a definitive solution for electrical companies such as Distribution and Transformer Substations requiring a product that will protect their operators whilst carrying out their day to day tasks. This device will help in greatly decreasing the number of serious accidents that occur each year.

The device is supplied with headphones for optional use in noisy environments.

Personal Voltage Detector Features include:

  • For use in distribution centres with overhead lines and transformation
  • Usable range: 10 kV to 66 kV
  • Operating frequency: 50 and 60Hz
  • Powered by two LR-03 batteries
  • Includes an automatic start-up system in the event of detecting “presence of
    voltage” when the device is turned off.

Personal Voltage Detector Datasheet

D-TUERI Omni-directional Electrical Field Personal Voltage Detector

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