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Bimetallic, Aluminium and Copper Clamps

The Compression Clamps allows to join two cables together offering a reliable and secure connection between them. These clamps are either made of copper or aluminium. Once the wires are positioned within the clamp it is then crimped. The bimetallic clamps are made of combination of aluminium and copper.
SOFAMEL Copper Compression Clamps made of high conductivity copper. It accommodates two copper wires placed parallel inside the clamp and then crimped together. There are ... Read More
SOFAMEL Aluminium Compression Clamps are made of highly conductive high purity aluminium alloy that is additionally tinned for improved connectivity. This compression clamp is crimped ... Read More
SOFAMEL Bi-Metallic Compression Clamps are a great solution when you need to connect two different material cables together. The sections are separated so that cables ... Read More
SOFAMEL Bi-Metallic Mechanical Clamps allows to connect two wires together mechanically (using a screw to tighten the clamp on the wires). Excellent for non permanent ... Read More