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Cable Lugs and Joints

Cable Lugs are the connectors made of two parts: the palm: flat element with a hole for bolt that secures connector to the conductor and the barrel: cylindrical element where the cable is crimped. Cable Joints are similar to Cable Lugs but they feature no palm and only stretched barrel (mono- or bi-metallic) with a wall separating them. They are used to connect two similar or different cables (depending on Joint itself and the material of which the cables are made).
SOFAMEL Model T Copper Cable Lugs are made of electrolytic copper and are tinned to improve electrical conductivity. When the wire is positioned correctly within ... Read More
SOFAMEL Model M Copper Butt-Connectors are made of high grade electrolytic copper and are additionally tinned to improve electrical connectivity. These connectors feature mid stop ... Read More
SOFAMEL RJU Medium Voltage Copper Joints are made of high conductivity un-tinned copper with internal stop in the middle. When the two cables to be ... Read More
SOFAMEL Long Barrel Copper Cable Lugs are featuring longer end that allows for double crimping. Made of highly conductive copper which is tinned to prevent ... Read More
SOFAMEL 45 Degree Angled Copper Cable Lugs are extremely convenient when the lug is to be attached in area where regular lug use would be awkward. ... Read More
SOFAMEL 90 Degree Angled Copper Cable Lugs allows to use connection points close to the edges and walls of the equipment thanks to angled barrel. Made ... Read More
SOFAMEL Narrow Palm Cable Lugs are designed so that the connector takes as little space as necessary thanks to narrow palm. Made of tinned electrolytic ... Read More

SOFAMEL Pin Terminals

Item Code: CP-*
SOFAMEL Pin Terminals are made so that they can be used with various clamps where the ability of easy disconnection is important. Manufactured of quality ... Read More

SOFAMEL 4 Holed Palm Lugs

Item Code: T-***/4H
SOFAMEL 4 Holed Palm Lugs are to be used everywhere a first class connection is essential. The palm is featuring for holes for very tight fit. ... Read More
SOFAMEL Cable Lugs With 2 Hole Palm features longer palm to accomodate two holes in it. Made of tinned copper for better conductivity. Tube dimensions are ... Read More