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Connection Fixings

Browse from large selection of SOFAMEL connection and cable fixing including supports, ties and end caps all made of UV resistant PVC.
SOFAMEL Plasticised Supports for Lines are made of plasticised stainless steel. Each Support consists of a screw and plastic band. No tightening tool is required. [... Read More
SOFAMEL Plasticised Supports for Branches are somehow similar to the supports for Lines. Made out of plasticised stainless steel they are composted of the plastic ... Read More
SOFAMEL Santoprene End Caps are made of santropene offers full UV protection. Suitable to be used as End Caps fitted to the ends of cables ... Read More
SOFAMEL Flexible PVC End Caps are made of strong and durable PVC and offers UV light protection. They are ideally suited to be fitted at ... Read More

SOFAMEL Plasticised Ties

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SOFAMEL Plasticised Ties are multi-purpose ties made of highly resistant PVC. Full protection against UV light. No tool required for tightnening. Reusable. [ref id="2"] [datasheet ... Read More