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Earthing Rods and Accessories

SOFAMEL - a World Leader in manufacture of Cable Connectors offers top quality Earthing Connectors including Earthing Rod Clamps and Rods themselves. These allow to connect earthing rod with a copper grounding wire.
SOFAMEL Earthing Rods - 100 microns are manufactured from high grade steel coated with 100 microns of copper for improved connectivity. They are made in accodrance with ... Read More

SOFAMEL Earthing Rod Clamps

Item Code: TGT142
SOFAMEL Earthing Rod Clamps are designed to be secured on rods of up to 14.2 mm in diameter. Composed of a strong brass and steel they ... Read More
SOFAMEL Reinforced Earthing Rod Clamps are made of heavy duty brass with galvanised nuts and shackle. To be used with earthing rods of maximum diameter 18.6 ... Read More

SOFAMEL Earthing Clamps

Item Code: GTR-50/150
SOFAMEL Earthing Clamps are designed to provide robust and reliable earthing connection. Made of strong brass with steel screw, washers and nut. [ref id="1"] [datasheet ... Read More
SOFAMEL Copper Parallel Groove Clamps are designed to be used on overhead lines. Come in varous sizes and with single or double screws. Made of ... Read More

SOFAMEL Earthing Switches

Item Code: PTR
SOFAMEL Earthing Switches are made of highly conductive steel bars secured on polyester base. They allow for quick earth disconnection when needed. [ref id="2"] [datasheet ... Read More