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Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits

We supply Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits in the shape of portable earthing kits, railway earthing kits and customised earthing kits.

SOFAMEL Single Earthing Leads (7m)

Item Code: PATF-MPU*
SOFAMEL Single Earthing Leads  are to be used for single phase earthing. The leads are equipped with MPU/B or MPU/H clamps. Please note ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATC-MPUB/5050 Short Circuiting & Earthing Kit  is phase earthing and short-circuit equipment for medium voltage operation. When installed, SOFAMEL PATC-MPUB/5050 Short Circuiting & Earthing ... Read More
SOFAMEL Medium Voltage earthing kit is designed to provide earthing connection between overhead lines and the ground and therefore to prevent operator from being shocked ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATL-MPLB Earthing and short-circuit kit is a medium voltage earthing kit equipped with screw type clamps. Provides safe earth connection to minimise the risk ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATL-MC Earthing and short-circuit kit is an earthing kit featuring automatic clams which makes them very handy to attach on overhead lines. The equipment ... Read More
SOFAMEL PAT-MPL Earthing and Short-Circuit kit a phase earthing and short circuit equipment designed for use on High Voltage Overhead Lines. It protects the operator ... Read More
SOFAMEL Erlain offers the another approach to the problem of earthing overhead lines. The kit comes with 3 different operating rods, 3 highly visible telescopic earthing poles (... Read More
SOFAMEL Earthing Kit for Low Voltage Electric Panels is designed to minimise the risk of electrical shock during maintenance or repair operation. The Clapms of ... Read More
SOFAMEL ECBT-MPUBTH Low Voltage Earthing Kit for use on low voltage electric panels. It is designed to prevent operator's being shocked by accidental power switch ... Read More

SOFAMEL Short Circuit Equipment

Item Code: ELBT-CC
SOFAMEL Short Circuit Equipment for low voltage overhead lines is designed to act as safeguard to the user working on overhead lines. This kit features ... Read More