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Electrohydraulic crimping tools

Electro-Hydraulic Crimping Tools are handy in the way that they include hydraulic pump in it and an electric motor that runs it. They are battery operated which means that they are convenient to use on the go.
SOFAMEL API-60-1 Electro-Hydraulic Crimping Tool is a portable hand hydraulic tool powered by rechargeable battery. The device was designed to be ergonomic and allow ... Read More
SOFAMEL API-130-C Electro-Hydraulic Crimping Tool is a handheld crimping tool powered by 14.4 V Ni-MH battery. The device features C-shaped head that rotates in 270 degrees ... Read More
SOFAMEL API-130-H Electro-Hydraulic Crimping Tool is built with H-shaped head that swivels within 270 degrees. The API-130-H is a handheld portable battery powered tool ... Read More