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First Aid

SOFAMEL is a World Leader in manufacture of Electrical Safety Systems. Within our range you can find all assortment including Fire Protection Blankets and First Aid Kits composed with Electrical Safety in mind!
SOFAMEL is dedicated to Electrical Safety in minute details. This carefuly composed First Aid Kit is designed to be durable and solid. The box is ... Read More
SOFAMEL Compact First Aid Kit is small and portable kit that is equipped with all sorts of medical asortment that would be usefull in areas ... Read More

SOFAMEL Rescue Stretcher

Item Code: SZ-07
SOFAMEL 180 x 55 cm Rescue Canvas Stretcher is supplied with metal bars that separates into three parts. When folded the Stretcher has following compact dimensions: 70 x 10 ... Read More
SOFAMEL Fire Resistant Blankets are made of non-combustible glass fibre coated on both sides with high temperature resistant silicone layer. That makes them able to ... Read More