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Harnesses and Belts

Harnesses and Belts - an essential Safety Equipment when working at heights. SOFAMEL manufactures dedicated harnesses compliant with standard EN 361 and EN 358.
SOFAMEL SO-71 Safety Harness With Belt is a full body harness made in compliance with EN 361 Standard. The harness includes two attachement points: one on ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-06 Support Belt With Rope is made in accordance to EN 358 Standard. The belt features padded support. A rings for coupling with anchorage at ... Read More
SOFAMEL S/ATC Safety Harness With Belt is a full body harness compliant with EN 361 and EN 358 Standards. It is suitable for use in all ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-45 Anti-Lumbago and Anti-Vibratory Belt has been carefully designed to protect the back lumbar area. Made of reinforced red canvas material with the inner ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-07 Adjustable Rope with movable anchorage element ranging in length from 0.85 m to 1.35 m is manufactured of strong polyamide and it's diameter is 14 mm. ... Read More


Item Code: S/ELAR-354
SOFAMEL S/ELAR-354 Rope with adjustable anchorage point of length ranging from 0.85 m to 1.35 m. The rope is 11 mm in diameter and is made of ... Read More

SOFAMEL S/ABE-355 Energy Absorber

Item Code: S/ABE-355
SOFAMEL S/ABE-355 Energy Absorber with Y-type anchorage element. Includes three carabiner clips. Total length of the harness is 1.75 metres. Designed to be permanently connected ... Read More