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Heat Shrink Connectors and Tubes

The Heat Shrink Connectors and Tubes are designed to be placed over connector or joint and then after applying heat to them to shrink and completely seal the joint providing insulation. Browse from our range.

SOFAMEL Thin-Walled Tubes

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SOFAMEL Thin-Walled Tubes are an excellent solution when you need to apply a safe and secure insulation to a newly made connection Just slide the ... Read More
SOFAMEL Medium-Walled Tubes with Adhesive are designed to shrink when head is applied to them. They are handy to use in a way that they ... Read More
SOFAMEL Sleeves with Adhesive and Stainless Steel Chain are different from tubes as they have one side open. This makes it very easy to apply ... Read More
SOFAMEL Heat Shrink Compression Joint Kits comprises of a multi-voltage aluminium alloy RJ-A joint and TPMA heat-shrink tube adopted to the connector's dimensions. [ref id="2"] [... Read More
SOFAMEL Heat Shrink Shear Head Bolt Connector Kit is composed of one multi-tension shear head bolt connector model MTG-95/240 and one heat shrink tube model ... Read More