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Insulated Gloves & Accessories

Check our extensive range of Dielectric Gloves made in compliance with the toughest standards including EN 60903 and IEC 60903 and can withstand voltage up to 50.000 V AC.

SOFAMEL Metallic Glove Case

Item Code: SG-35
SOFAMEL Metallic Glove Case is a metallic storage case for with a methacrylate window. The case is ideal for carrying, storing and preserving dielectric gloves ... Read More
SOFAMEL Mechanical Protection Glovesare Category II insulated gloves that function as mechanical protection gloves. Please refer to our table below for the different gloves available ... Read More
SOFAMEL Mechanical Protection Gloves are working gloves made from grey or yellow skiver leather to protect hands from mechanical risks. SOFAMEL Mechanical Protection Gloves are ... Read More
SOFAMEL SG-37 Fire Resistant Gloves are protective gloves made of NOMEX fibre with fire-resistant properties. SOFAMEL SG-37 Fire Resistant Gloves are to be used under ... Read More

SOFAMEL Leather Overgloves

Item Code: SG-*
SOFAMEL Leather Overgloves are protective gloves worn over dielectric gloves to protect against mechanical risks and electric arc risks. SOFAMEL Leather Overgloves are made from ... Read More
SOFAMEL Insulating Composite Gloves are protective gloves allow workers to work in total safety without leather over-gloves. SOFAMEL Insulating Composite Gloves feature suppleness despite of ... Read More

SOFAMEL Dielectric Gloves

Item Code: SG-2*
SOFAMEL Dielectric Gloves are insulating gloves for live working. SOFAMEL Dielectric Gloves comply with the specifications of the European Standard EN 60903 and International Standard IEC 60903 ... Read More
The SOFAMEL Plastic Glove Case CG-70 is made of strong Polyethylene. It is lightweight while the durability is excellent. The case is also resistant to ... Read More
Made of tough Polyethylene synthetic plastic the SOFAMEL Plastic Glove Case CG-120 is durable but light. Shaped in ergonomic way, the case is easy to ... Read More