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Insulated Ladders

Choose from our range of SOFAMEL insulated ladders. We supply single and double rung insulating ladders that comply with latest safety standards.

SOFAMEL Double Rung Ladder

Item Code: 5100**
SOFAMEL Double Rung Ladder is a fully insulated ladder with 30 kV insulation between steps. Struts are made of strong fiberglass and rungs are manufactured of ... Read More

SOFAMEL Insulating Stepladder

Item Code: 5051**
SOFAMEL Insulating Stepladder is fully insulated, with struts made of ruged and dielectric fibreglass and rungs of aluminium. The ladder is made in accordance with ... Read More
The Sofamel EF/S Regular Insulated Ladder is a single rung ladder made in compliance with EN 131 safety norm. It is capable of withstanding 30 kV ... Read More
To mix portability with performance we offer the Sofamel EF/E Standard Extandable Ladder. When folded it is easy to move around and carry, when ... Read More
The Sofamel EF/C Cable Operated Extandable Ladder is a tool for a professional: allows precisely to set how much to extend the ladder making ... Read More

Sofamel EF/M Multi use Ladder

Item Code: 5260**
Thanks to the smart design the Sofamel EF/M Multi use Ladder is very handy. When needed it can act as a Dual Rung Ladder ... Read More
The Sofamel EF/3 Extendable Dual Rung Ladder is exceptionally practical. Double Rung makes it steady and secure while it can be extended in height to ... Read More