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Low Voltage Earthing Equipment

The SOFAMEL manufactures and distributes Low Voltage Earthing Equipment that incorporate strong PVC coated copper wires and various heavy duty clamps made to ensure complete safety during maintenance work. The Kits are provided with either durable Carry Case or Bag.
SOFAMEL Earthing Kit for Low Voltage Electric Panels is designed to minimise the risk of electrical shock during maintenance or repair operation. The Clapms of ... Read More
SOFAMEL ECBT-MPUBTH Low Voltage Earthing Kit for use on low voltage electric panels. It is designed to prevent operator's being shocked by accidental power switch ... Read More

SOFAMEL Short Circuit Equipment

Item Code: ELBT-CC
SOFAMEL Short Circuit Equipment for low voltage overhead lines is designed to act as safeguard to the user working on overhead lines. This kit features ... Read More
SOFAMEL ELBT-PAT/CC Earthing and Short Circuit kit for low voltage overhead lines provides necessary protection against electrical shock in the event of power being ... Read More