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Medium Voltage Overhead Lines Earthing Kits

Medium Voltage Overhead Lines Earthing Kits offers a complete safety solution when working on Overhead lines. Equipped with handy operating rod with earthing clamps attached, the kits are also featuring long PVC coated copper earthing wire and earthing rod. Provided with convenient carry case.
SOFAMEL Medium Voltage earthing kit is designed to provide earthing connection between overhead lines and the ground and therefore to prevent operator from being shocked ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATL-MPLB Earthing and short-circuit kit is a medium voltage earthing kit equipped with screw type clamps. Provides safe earth connection to minimise the risk ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATL-MC Earthing and short-circuit kit is an earthing kit featuring automatic clams which makes them very handy to attach on overhead lines. The equipment ... Read More
SOFAMEL Erlain offers the another approach to the problem of earthing overhead lines. The kit comes with 3 different operating rods, 3 highly visible telescopic earthing poles (... Read More
SOFAMEL PATF-MPU Unipolar Earthing Kit is available with either MPUB or MPUH earthing clamps. Designed to lower the risk of electrical shock against accidental power ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATL-PCA25 Medium Voltage Earthing Equipment for overhead lines is designed to prevent the user from being shocked by an accidentally switched on power. This ... Read More
SOFAMEL PATC-PP15 Medium Voltage Equipment with bar clamps is idealy suited for use in substations. This kit features PP-15 claps that are simple to attach ... Read More


Item Code: PATC-MPUB/****
SOFAMEL PATC-MPU Earthing Kit for Medium Voltage Substations with screwed clamps is designed for use in substations where a risk of electrical shock due to ... Read More


Item Code: MATCPF-MPU/****
SOFAMEL PATCPF-MPU Earthing Kit is made to ensure operators safety against short circuit or accidental electricity switch on. This kit is manufactured in accordance with ... Read More