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Personal Protection Equipment

SOFAMEL is World Leading manufacturer of Electrical Safety Equipment. We provide full range of Personal Protection Equipment to suit every sector of Electrical Trade. In our range you can find Insulated Gloves, Face Shields and Helmets, Harnesses, Climbing Irons and more.

SOFAMEL SP-182 Face Shield

Item Code: SP-182
SOFAMEL SP-182 Face Shield is a protective face shield with high quality anti-fog acetate visor. It can be adjusted to fit any kind of safety ... Read More

SOFAMEL SO-26 Climbing Irons

Item Code: SO-26
SOFAMEL Climbing Irons are provided for use on wooden electrical and telecommunication poles. Each Iron has 8 welded spikes. Designed to make climb up/down easier. ... Read More

SOFAMEL SPE Safety Helmet

Item Code: SPE
SOFAMEL SPE Safety Helmet is moulded from stiff and strong polyethelene that is shock resistant and offers excellent head protection. The adjustable harness with securing ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-71 Safety Harness With Belt is a full body harness made in compliance with EN 361 Standard. The harness includes two attachement points: one on ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-06 Support Belt With Rope is made in accordance to EN 358 Standard. The belt features padded support. A rings for coupling with anchorage at ... Read More
SOFAMEL S/ATC Safety Harness With Belt is a full body harness compliant with EN 361 and EN 358 Standards. It is suitable for use in all ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-45 Anti-Lumbago and Anti-Vibratory Belt has been carefully designed to protect the back lumbar area. Made of reinforced red canvas material with the inner ... Read More
SOFAMEL SO-07 Adjustable Rope with movable anchorage element ranging in length from 0.85 m to 1.35 m is manufactured of strong polyamide and it's diameter is 14 mm. ... Read More


Item Code: S/ELAR-354
SOFAMEL S/ELAR-354 Rope with adjustable anchorage point of length ranging from 0.85 m to 1.35 m. The rope is 11 mm in diameter and is made of ... Read More

SOFAMEL S/ABE-355 Energy Absorber

Item Code: S/ABE-355
SOFAMEL S/ABE-355 Energy Absorber with Y-type anchorage element. Includes three carabiner clips. Total length of the harness is 1.75 metres. Designed to be permanently connected ... Read More