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Piercing Connectors

The Piercing Connectors are unique in the way that they do not require the wire to be stripped of the insulation - the construction of these connectors allows them to pierce through the insulation providing connectivity with the wire core.
SOFAMEL Piercing Connectors 6kV are made of strong and flame-resistant 6.6 polyamide with fibreglass. These connectors are attached to the cables by piercing them. The Piercing ... Read More


Item Code: PA-25
SOFAMEL Anchors are a line connection anchors made of very strong thermoplastic with fibreglass inserts on body and wedges. The fixing ring is made of ... Read More
SOFAMEL Pigtail Hooks and Eyebolts are manufactured from high-resistance cold-rolled steel that is protected against corrosion. Multiple types and sizes are available. [ref id="2"] [datasheet ... Read More