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Browse SOFAMEL range of Wire Fixing Tools and accessories! We offer Cable Crimping Tools, Cable Strippers, Cable Cutters, Crimping Tools Adapters, Dies and much more...
SOFAMEL Strap is made of top quality stainless steel. The kit comprises of the Strap reel with dispenser incorporated in it. Available in different sizes. ... Read More
SOFAMEL Strap Tensile Tool is a handy and easy to use tool that allows to tense the strap and then clamp it with a dedicated ... Read More

SOFAMEL Strap Cutter

Item Code: OPC
SOFAMEL Strap Cutter is a dedicated tool for cutting Steel Straps. Made of high quality steel and featuring a safety lock. Excellent for use with ... Read More

SOFAMEL SF-21, SF-30 and SF-31 Cable Cutters

Item Code: SF-21, SF-30, SF-31
SOFAMEL SF-21, SF-30 and SF-31 Cable Cutters are made of strong stainless steel with handles coated with red colour coded PVC. Suitable for use on ... Read More

SOFAMEL SF-20 Cable Cutters

Item Code: SF-20
SOFAMEL SF-20 Cable Cutters are a heavy duty cutters made of strong steel with plastic handle covers. The cutters are designed for use on copper ... Read More

SOFAMEL SF-24 and SF-25 Cable Cutters

Item Code: SF-24, SF-25
SOFAMEL SF-24 and SF-25 Cable Cutters feature ratchet-style mechanism for cutting copper and aluminium cables. Not suitable for use on steel core cables. Made of ... Read More

SOFAMEL SF-13 Cable Cutters

Item Code: SF-13
SOFAMEL SF-13 Cable Cutters are designed for use on copper and aluminium cable of diameter up to 40 mm. This is a ratchet type cutter. [ref ... Read More

SOFAMEL SF-50 Cable Cutters

Item Code: SF-50
SOFAMEL SF-50 Cable Cutters are a ratchet type cutters for use on aluminium and copper cables. Max diameter of the cable to be cut is 45 ... Read More
SOFAMEL SF-40 and SF-36 Crimping Tools for Non Insulated Terminals are made for cable lugs from 16 to 120 mm2 and 16 to 95 mm2 respectively. The SF-40 is ... Read More
SOFAMEL SF-51 and SF-52 Revolving Die Crimping Tools are featuring revolving die for use on wide range of connectors. SF-51 can crimp connectors from 10 to 95... Read More