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Voltage Detectors

SOFAMEL supply voltage detectors for indoor and outdoors use. They are available in couple of different forms, with poles and without, as portable units and for different Voltage spectrum. The Devices are among the most reliable in the World!

Personal Voltage Detector

Item Code: D-TUERI
The D-TUERI Personal Voltage Detector is a highly innovative product from Sofamel that detects electrical fields. It can be easily placed inside any safety helmet. ... Read More
SOFAMEL VTBR-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector is a two-pole unit designated to operate as live line detector with high impedance probes for MV networks. The detector ... Read More
SOFAMEL VBD-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector is a two pole voltage detector designated for use on MV Networks and for indoor and outdoor use. This bipolar ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-OA DC Railway Voltage Detector is a railway live line detector operating within voltage range of DC 500 V to 5.000 V. The unit features long ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-OAD DC Voltage Detector is a railway live line detector with AC Induced Voltage Indication. This voltage detector features earthing cable and works withing ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-150/420-U IEC High Voltage Detector electronic voltage detector with micro controller installed in. The detector features new technology where a pulse of light ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-90/225-U IEC High Voltage Detector  is an electronic voltage detector operated by micro controller. This detector has a new advanced feature where a ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-63/150-U IEC High Voltage Detector electronic voltage detector with micro controller built in. SOFAMEL VT-63/150-U IEC High Voltage Detector has a new ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-11/33U IEC Electronic Voltage Detector is a medium voltage detector with micro controller built in it. The unit offers both visual and audible ... Read More
SOFAMEL VT-10/30U IEC Electronic Voltage Detector offers both visual and acoustic indication of voltage presence. It is a direct contact type detector with built ... Read More